Minh Tong

VP of Sales @ Americor - University of California, Irvine - Bachelor of Science (BS) Business/Managerial Economics, School of Mortgage.
Minh leverages decades of experience in marketing, sales management and technology to provide high-level advice and lead new initiatives. Minh has a Bachelor of Science in Business/Managerial Economics from University of California, Irvine School of Mortgage. He brings over 8 years of sales and executive management experience to Americor, growing and scaling the company to the top 5 debt recovery companies in the nation. Minh's responsibilities include customer service improvement; professional development, and carrying out communications and marketing. A Southern Californita native, he is a lover of dogs, hiking, and beaches.

Nov 30, 2022
What is Debt?

Debt is money that you owe to another person or company. It usually comes in the form of a loan, where you borrow money and then have to pay it back with interest.

Nov 30, 2022
debt ceiling
Debt Ceiling

Debt ceiling is a term that refers to the maximum amount of money that can be legally borrowed by the US government.

Nov 30, 2022
What is a Guarantor?

A Guarantor is the person who promises that a borrower will pay back his or her debts.

Nov 21, 2022

Acceleration, in finance, refers to the speeding up of a financial obligation, such as a loan or mortgage. This can happen voluntarily, as in the case of prepayment, or involuntarily through default. In either case, it can have significant consequences for both the debtor and creditor.

Nov 21, 2022
What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal process where an individual or business unable to pay their debts can get a fresh start. It allows them to either restructure or eliminate their debt obligations and protect their assets from creditor actions.

Nov 16, 2022
Home equity loan
Home Equity Loans

A home equity loan is a type of loan in which the borrower uses their home as collateral. The loan amount is determined by the equity in the home, or the difference between the property’s market value and any outstanding loans associated with it.

Nov 14, 2022
What is Equity in Regard to Finance?

Equity, in finance, refers to the value of ownership in a company. This can be measured by subtracting the company’s liabilities from its assets. In other words, equity represents the portion of a company that is owned by its shareholders.

Nov 6, 2022
Family Loans
Family Loans: What to Know Before Lending or Borrowing

Family loans can be an effective way to lend or borrow money in a pinch. Learn all about family loans and what you need to know before you agree to one.

Nov 6, 2022
Debt Service Coverage Ratio
Guide to Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

A debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) is a financial metric used to assess a borrower’s ability to pay back debt obligations. This ratio applies primarily to businesses or individuals taking on debt, such as through a loan or bond issuance.

Oct 31, 2022
What is a loan
What is a Loan?

There are several types of loans available, including personal loans, home loans, student loans, and business loans. Each type of loan has its own terms and conditions, which the borrower must agree to before taking out the loan.

Oct 13, 2022
Credit Cards
What is a credit card?

A credit card is a plastic card that gives the cardholder a certain amount of credit to spend. There are many different types of credit cards, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Oct 13, 2022
national debt clock
Top 5 Presidents by National Debt

As of 2022, the national debt is estimated to be around $30 trillion! While data from the U.S. Treasury shows that not all presidents contributed equally to the national debt, historians often debate which president added the most debt. Read on to find top 5 presidents who contributed most during their term.

Sep 4, 2022
how to refinance a car
How to Refinance a Car: Step-by-Step Guide

No matter what your reason for refinancing is, our guide will help you understand how to refinance a car with step-by-step directions.

Aug 29, 2022
Collections Letters
9 Tips for Dealing with Debt Collectors and Collection

It’s something most consumers dread, a debt collector calling to ask about an unpaid credit card debt, past due student loan or medical debt. Here are 9 tips for dealing with debt collection […]

Apr 9, 2020
Budgeting 101
Budgeting 101

The key to a budget is tracking expenses and categorizing them as needs (i.e. insurance, housing, transportation, electricity, food, medicine, work clothing, and minimum payments on debt) and
wants […]

Apr 9, 2020
Budget Planning
4 Step Guide to Budget Planning

Whether you’re planning to save for college or retirement, your debt challenges are unique, we understand that. This guide designed to help you save money and get out of debt, yet the entire process of doing so is easier said than done[…]

Feb 13, 2020
Purchasing Car In Debt
Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Car While in Debt

Cars are fickle things that require a lot of maintenance. Oil changes, tire rotations, and yearly tune-ups are all part of owning a vehicle. Unfortunately, the financial aspect of purchasing a car can be equally fickle, especially if you’re in debt. Debts are more of a factor than ever in purchasing a new auto: Experian […]

Feb 5, 2020
3 Simple Ways Young Adults Can Build Credit

Building credit can be challenging when you don’t have any credit history to your name, and many don’t know where to start. You may or may not get approved for a credit card, auto loan or that apartment for rent if your credit history hasn’t been established. Here are three ways to shape your credit […]

Sep 18, 2018
Debt and Marriage
Debt and Marriage- What You Should Know Before You Say ‘I Do’

It’s quite interesting the phrase “for richer or poorer” is part of most wedding vows, as it implies that your spouse’s financial situation is in fact, a critical aspect of any marriage. This is more relevant than ever, given the present situation of younger Americans today.  Whether it’s from credit card debt or student loans, […]

Sep 11, 2018
Benefits of 401k Plans
The Benefits of 401k Plan

Saving money can seem like an unfavorable chore to some now, but you will thank yourself for investing into your retirement later. This is where a 401k Plan can save you a lot of hassle. A 401k (named for the tax code that governs it) is a retirement savings plan in which a portion of […]

Aug 29, 2018
Consumer Debt in America
Consumer Debt in America-Where Our Country Stands Today

As Americans, we’re pretty much all in debt. How bad is the debt crisis exactly? That depends on who you ask. And when. The Federal Reserve keeps a close eye on trends influencing lending, debt, and the overall economy. A new quarterly report is released every three months. The Federal Reserve report in June 2018 […]

Aug 27, 2018
Unsecured debt and bankruptcy
Unsecured debt & bankruptcy in the United States

Unsecured debt has a direct correlation to bankruptcy in the United States. Just this year alone the total amount of unsecured debt has increased to 1 trillion collectively. According to HuffingtonPost, some of the most common factors that cause bankruptcy are medical bills, job loss, student loans and divorce. With the amount of debt increasing, consumers should start considering budgeting expenses and freeing up cash flow. However, for some it might be too late to take precautionary measures that should have been taken years ago.

Apr 20, 2018
Stolen Credit Card
What is Black Market Value of Stolen Credit Card Info?

Major security breaches have become too common of a story, with retailers and websites hacked with alarming frequency. It has become so common that it can often take a fairly egregious breach – think SONY in 2014, or Target in 2013 – for something to become a high-profile news story. Stealing and selling personal information […]

Mar 10, 2018
Protect Your Child’s Identity.
How to Protect Your Child’s Identity at Every Age

Some lenders require a social security number with a clean credit history, but don’t necessarily check that the borrower’s name matches the number, so thieves can get away with using social security numbers that aren’t assigned to anyone at all. Your child’s identity can be at risk at any point in life. Children are easy […]

Mar 9, 2018
Wedding Loans
So, You’re Getting Married! Will You Need a Wedding Loan?

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Of course, unless you’re planning to elope, you’re going to need a lot more than luck to get through your wedding day. How you decide to pay for your wedding will be one of the first important decisions you make as a couple — and there’s a chance you’re thinking about getting one […]

Mar 2, 2018
What You Need to Know About Bounced Checks

Bounced checks occur when the promise to pay that you’ve signed can’t be processed because you don’t have enough funds in your checking account. They’re also referred to as rubber or non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks and are an expensive hassle that may cause the account you’re trying to pay to go to collections and hurt […]

Mar 1, 2018
Finance Tips For Students
6 Personal Finance Tips For High School Students And Young Adults

Setting a budget, savings, controlling spending and monitoring bank statements can seem like a real drag to teenagers in high school and college. Learning good financial practices at a young age will set millennials up for a debt free future. Maxing out credit cards, taking out student loans can cause lifelong financial problems that they […]

Feb 23, 2018
Obtaining A Mortgage After Bankruptcy

It is still possible to purchase a house after filing for bankruptcy. It can be challenging and you will have to wait some time before your finances are able to bounce back but it is doable. The most common guideline you’ll have to follow to purchase a home after bankruptcy is to go through a […]

Feb 22, 2018

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