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Together we will develop a strategy to fit your needs

Americor appreciates the trust you have put in us to help you with your financial issues. We know this is a difficult thing to deal with for you and has an emotional impact on you and your family. Our goal is the same as yours: to assist you in getting out of debt and back on your financial feet. It will take time and it isn’t always an easy road back to financial health, but rest assured that you are working with a team of experts with many years of experience.

We’re here to help you become free from the burden of your credit card and unsecured debts. While in the plan, communication is a key element to your success. You’ll talk with a negotiations team member to review your accounts in the plan and develop a debt settlement strategy specific to your situation.

We’ll keep in touch with you throughout the plan to provide account updates, changes and communicate offers we receive from your creditors. Be sure to respond as quickly as possible during this process.

Your Dedicated Account Powers Everything

When it grows large enough, it enables us to negotiate with your creditors, and it is the source of the funds that resolve your debt. Once the creditor agrees to a settlement amount, we contact you immediately to let you know the settlement terms and how much you could save.

Then you review and authorize the settlement terms as quickly as you can – settlement offers are time sensitive. But remember, nothing is more important than sticking to your monthly deposit schedule. If you postpone or request to skip a scheduled deposit, you don’t just delay our ability to negotiate new settlements on your debts. You could put any settlement we already negotiated for you in jeopardy.

Once You’re Enrolled:

  1. Stay On Schedule. Continue to make timely monthly deposits into your Dedicated Account.
  2. Stay Engaged. We ask that you stay in constant communication with our team to ensure the best settlements in the quickest time possible.
  3. Keep Us Informed. Let us know if a creditor tries to contact you or if your financial situation changes via phone, email, text or on your Client Dashboard.

Keep Track of Your Progress in Your Client Dashboard

The easiest way to stay informed about the current state of your account is to log into your Americor Client Dashboard. With the Americor Client Dashboard, you can access your plan information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You can review transactions, get updates on the negotiation status of your enrolled accounts, view your upcoming plan deposits, submit requests to Client Services and much more. Most importantly, you can see the progress we’re making together to get you back to financial health!

How to Stay Engaged:

  • Bookmark and use it to monitor your debt negotiation activity, watch helpful videos, read frequently asked questions and more. 
  • Download the Americor Client App available in the App Store for all iOS and Android devices.

Americor FAQ's

Things to know when getting started.

When Will You Begin Settling My Debts?

The process of preparing a strategy for your accounts begins on day 1. However, it is important to understand that we can only settle debts once the funds in your Dedicated Account have been built up to a point where they can be used to pay off the agreed upon amount or enter into a term settlement payment arrangement. Your first resolution should occur between 4-7 months from the date you sign up with us.

When Do I Pay The Service Fee?

You don’t pay us anything until we negotiate and make payment on your debt to the creditor. Our fee is paid at the time of settlement and is already included in your total draft amount .

When Will You Notify Me Regarding Settlements With Creditors?

We will contact you for approval each time we receive a reasonable offer from one of them. It is important that you respond to our notifications within 48 hours as offers are not always good indefinitely.

Will the Creditor Stop Contacting Me Once An Account Has Been Resolved?

Once a final agreement on terms has been reached with the creditor, they should not call you to attempt any further collections on the account . Please contact Client Services if you receive a phone call from a creditor on an account that has been resolved . We will make sure that the creditor has all the necessary information related to the final agreement and request that a satisfaction letter be sent to you for your records.

How Do I Receive Updates On My Account? 

You can contact a Client Services Representative any time during business hours for an update. Our staff will be happy to provide you with an update on negotiations with each of your creditors and current balance within your escrow account. Or, you can log on to the Americor client portal to review all the activity on your account 24/7.

What If I Receive A Summons? 

Based on our expertise, we are able to avoid legal actions in the vast majority of cases. However, there might be times when creditors will decide to pursue legal action against you. If this occurs, notify us immediately. We can still settle those accounts in most cases .

What If My Creditor Says They Do Not Work With Outside Companies?

Some creditors claim that they do not deal with third party negotiators to try and scare you into dealing directly with them and accepting a weak offer or even no offer at all. If we accepted a debt into our plan, it is because we have a history of competently and successfully negotiating agreements with such creditors on behalf of our clients.


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