Debt and Your Lifestyle: You Can Still Have Fun While Paying Off Debt

By Aaron Sarentino Reviewed by Minh Tong Updated Aug 24, 2018
Debt and Your Lifestyle:  You Can Still Have Fun While Paying Off Debt

We’d all like to have a little less debt in our lives, but what’s stopping us? Many consumers don’t have the financial means to do fun activities while they are swimming in debt. Or, they don’t want to sacrifice their social life to their debt, so they continue to add more or ignore it. Paying off debt seems sad, depressing, and no fun. So, our bills continue to soar and our pockets empty.

Time to change the way we think about tightening the financial belt: it’s completely possible to start paying off debt and still have fun. In fact, you may need to eliminate debts to find any joy in life. A recent study in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that having large amounts of debt can significantly decrease a person’s overall sense of wellbeing.

How exactly does a person go about living life to the fullest while paying down debts? Americor has a few ideas for you while you’re working to clear those red accounts:

Free Activities

This seems obvious, but it’s amazing how many great and free events are available in your town but have low attendance. Readings, plays, presentations, open mics, and many others are often desperate for recognition from the public. Even some activities you pay for like museums or aquariums have free or low-cost nights. On just about any Friday night you can find something worth your time that won’t cost a penny.

Go Outdoors

Nature is always a free source of entertainment and relaxation. Read a book in the city park. Enjoy trails and scenery at a local preserve. Beaches, botanical gardens, and other great green spaces are perfect places to help you feel fulfilled without breaking the bank. Try checking out Yelp to see what local outdoor activity is nearest to you. You may even save money: when you’re getting more fresh air and exercise, you can cancel that expensive gym membership.

Treat Yourself in Moderation

The secret to paying off debt is not to go cold turkey off all the things you enjoy. Just scale back on the necessities in your life through budgeting. Instead of dining out almost every evening, go out once a week or narrow your movie nights to twice a month. Treat yourself to a splurge only after you’ve achieved a debt-elimination milestone. It’s okay to spend on things you love but spend less.

Paying off debts is never easy, but with a little planning and disciple anyone can fulfill their financial goals—and live an enjoyable life while they do it. Americor can help you achieve debt freedom and happiness, contact us today to learn more.


Aaron Sarentino

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