Glossary Terms


Reviewed by Minh Tong
Updated November 30, 2022

A dependent is someone who relies on another individual for the financial support they need to meet their basic expenses. An individual can be a dependent of different people throughout their life, such as parents, spouses, partners, or even employers.

There are several factors that determine whether someone is financially dependent on another person. The most important factor is usually income, which refers to the wages or salary received by an individual from their employment. Other factors may include property ownership and debt obligations like student loans or credit card balances. Generally speaking, the more income you earn and the more assets you own, the less likely it is that you will be considered a financial dependent on another person.

But there are some situations in which individuals have very little income or assets, yet are still defined as dependents for financial purposes. This may be the case if an individual is a full-time student, has a medical condition that prevents them from working, or is caring for their children full-time without any outside assistance. In these situations, the individual will likely qualify for some form of public assistance, such as government-provided healthcare and food stamps.

Overall, being financially dependent on someone else can be challenging and stressful. But with careful budgeting and planning, many individuals are able to succeed in managing their financial situation while they pursue other goals like education or career advancement. So whether you’re trying to avoid becoming a financial dependent on someone else or helping someone in your life who needs assistance meeting their basic expenses, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what financial dependence means and how you can best manage this aspect of your life. Speak with an Americor professional today about how you can become financially independent.