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At Americor, we understand that life happens, and we believe everyone deserves a second chance that’s why our loans are designed to meet customers at various points along their journey to financial freedom.

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What is Consolidation Loan?

Consolidation Loan offers debt consolidation loans
of $5,000-$65,000 to eligible borrowers in select debt settlement programs.

End your debt settlement program early


Consolidate your debt


Take control of your finances again

How Does Consolidation Loan Work?

With a Consolidation Loan you could pay off all of your enrolled debt
and consolidate it into a single payment instead waiting for your
debt settlement program to resolve one debt at a time.

Our Loan Consultants Contact You

If you are eligible for a Consolidation Plus loan,* one of our loan consultants will contact you to explain the program and help you decide if the loan fits your needs. Then, they will invite you to complete an application and send in documents regarding your bank information and income for us to review.


Apply for a Loan

We review your application within 2-4 business days and, if you qualify, extend a loan offer to you.

If your application is approved, you can choose to start your Consolidation Loan program right away. Simply review the details with your loan consultant, sign the agreement, and return it to us.


We Use the Loan to Pay Off Your Creditors

Once you sign up, your debt settlement company will use the funds from your loan to speed up your settlements and pay the negotiated amounts.

Instead of waiting for funds to build up in your account, all of your outstanding debts are settled with your creditors in one lump sum.


You Repay the Loan

After your debt has been settled, your debt settlement program is complete and you start repaying your Consolidation Plus loan. You can manage your Consolidation Plus account on your online Borrower Dashboard. You can pay by check, over the phone, or with ACH automatic payments. Depending on your loan terms and how much you can pay each month, you could pay off your loan within 24-72 months.


Debt Freedom

Once you have paid off your Consolidation Plus loan, you’ll be free of the debt you enrolled in your debt settlement program.


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