5 Affordable Summer Staycation Ideas When You’re on a Budget

By Aaron Sarentino Reviewed by Minh Tong Updated Jul 27, 2022
5 Affordable Summer Staycation Ideas When You’re on a Budget

When you’re on vacation you can typically save money by skipping restaurants, staying with friends and family, and doing free activities, and while you can always hunt for thrifty travel deals, you usually can’t forgo the cost of traveling to your destination. 

Gas prices are at an all-time high and airline tickets have increased by 25% since 2021. That’s bad news for would-be globetrotters wanting to travel to beautiful destinations with desirable exchange rates. 

Just because inflation may have dashed your dreams of adventurous summer vacations, doesn’t mean you can’t create your own adventure closer to home. 

Here are 5 affordable summer staycation ideas when you’re on a budget.

1. Go Camping

For around $20 a night, you could set up camp with friends and family at nearby national and state parks. You won’t have to spend cash on eating out or expensive activities. Instead, you can roast store-bought hot dogs around the campfire, hike, stargaze, and enjoy the wildlife.

If $20 sounds too steep for you, look for BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land in your area. Most BLM land is free to camp on for up to 14 days, and it can often be found near state and national parks and wilderness areas. Learn more at the BLM website

If you’re too far from a camp-worthy area, set up a tent, barbecue, and stargaze in your backyard. You won’t be surrounded by the beauty of nature, but you will have access to a clean bathroom. 

2. Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard

Most local Parisians don’t spend their days walking through the Louvre and riding to the top of the Eiffel tower. You might not live in Paris, but there are surely tourist attractions in your city or region that you may have avoided because they, well, are full of tourists. 

Try to view your own backyard from a fresh perspective. Check out things like CityPass and Go City for bundle deals on attractions.

3. Find a Unique Rental 

Rental sites like Airbnb are full of unique apartments and houses. Browse your local listings for a spot that you could pretend is yours for a weekend. Have you always wanted to live in a house with a pool? Do you like the interior design of a certain apartment? Do you want to see what it’s like to live in a different neighborhood in your area? 

The best part? You won’t have to worry about washing the sheets when your staycation is over. 

4. Explore New Cuisines 

Most cities have foreign, fusion, and unique cuisine. Spend the week in a different neighborhood and learn about a different culture’s gastronomy. You can surf the internet for well-reviewed restaurants or saunter around and pop into whatever looks appealing. 

5. Ride a Bike and Have a Picnic

A simple day outside can make you feel like you’re on vacation even if you’re staying at home. Assemble an Instagram-worthy charcuterie board and have a picnic at a local park or venue. Taking a bike will help you save on gas and see your town in a new way. 

How to Stay on Budget with a Staycation

Just because staycations are typically cheaper than vacations doesn’t mean you can’t accidentally run up a big bill. It’s a good idea to set a maximum budget and consider local package options to reduce expenses. 

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