Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus: Too Good to be True?

By Aaron Sarentino Reviewed by Minh Tong Updated Feb 17, 2022
Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus: Too Good to be True?

Credit card companies will do everything they can to get you to sign up for their card, including offering certain sign-up bonuses. These companies will pay you just to spend money using their card in the form of rewards like airline miles or even just cold hard cash. The reason why they can offer rewards like this is that they know there are enough people out there who will spend money they do not have and be forced to pay interest on their cards each month. The interest may seem like a small fee to pay, but in the long run, it can snowball quickly.

Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus: Free Money?

Technically speaking, the sign-up bonuses that are offered are completely free money when used correctly. However, the reason these companies can continue to make money off their customers is that people get greedy with credit cards. It is extremely easy to spend money that you do not have and end up in a pile of debt. When used correctly, credit cards can be paid off each month in full, and therefore, the cardholder will not incur any interest fees. Unfortunately, for most people, the lure of spending money on a credit card is too easy, and they will end up piling up debt slowly but surely over time. Once the debt becomes so large, it can become virtually impossible to pay it off depending on your financial situation.

The Lure of Credit Cards

Credit card companies will do everything they can to get their cards in the hands of the most people possible. Many retail stores have their own cards and try to lure you in at the register with a discount on your purchase. Most of the time, it is most likely not worth signing up for a whole new card, especially if you already have multiple other lines of credit open. It is important that you do your own research on the card and do not make any quick financial decisions on the spot, especially if you do not understand the consequences it may have on your credit score.

Debt-Relief Solutions

Fortunately for those with credit card debt, there are options out there to help you resolve your debt and get it paid off quickly. There are solutions like debt settlement where you can combine all your debt into one low monthly payment. Americor specializes in this type of debt relief and can easily help you pay off your debt efficiently. All you need to do is submit some basic information about your debt and a representative will call you and help you pick out a specific debt plan based on your specific needs. It is important to act quickly because debt can pile up much faster than one would think with the compounding interest. Americor helps to reduce the stress involved when it comes to dealing with debt problems. Do not delay and make sure you contact Americor now to make sure your debts are under control.  

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