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Residents of Pennsylvania know how much the state has to offer. From the Gettysburg National Military Park to Hershey Park, Independence Hall, and Amish Country, there is much for families and individuals to experience.

Pennsylvania is also home to two of the largest cities in America: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. You can’t go wrong with an outing to watch the Steelers or Phillies battle it out on the football and baseball fields.

The state was the site of many historical events in America. Its Museum of the American Revolution contains exhibits, including George Washington’s War Tent and the first 13-star American flag. You can also pay a visit to the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, where the original owner created the first American flag.

No trip to Pennsylvania is complete without a visit to Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were first signed. Visitors can also see the famous Liberty Bell and view Ben Franklin’s postal office.

While there is no shortage of things to see in Pennsylvania, the state is not known for being cheap. Residents of Pennsylvania — especially those living in large cities — must deal with high rents and expensive transportation costs.

Many residents try to mitigate their costs with bank loans and find themselves stuck with lots of debt. As a result, people find themselves needing Pennsylvania debt help.

The Lowdown on Pennsylvania Debt

The cost of living in Pennsylvania is much higher than in other states. With an average cost of living index of 102.5, residents struggle with exorbitant grocery and utility expenses. Households in Pennsylvania’s most prominent cities face mounting rent costs that have only grown due to inflation.

Surprisingly, Pennsylvania workers have lower wages than those in other states. The median salary for a Pennsylvania employee is $55,490, compared to the national average of $58,260.

Residents of Pittsburg carry an average of $9,333 in credit card debt. Those living in Philadelphia don’t fare much better; the median household credit card debt for those in city limits is $8,697. In contrast, residents nationwide have $8,425 in credit card liabilities.

The combination of lower wages and high cost of living leads to people seeking solace in credit card loans. However, once they take on a loan, it can prove difficult to pay it off, especially when making minimum payments.

Use our handy calculator below to see how long it will take you to pay off your lenders with only minimum payments.

Hope for Pennsylvania Debt with Americor

Americor understands the financial troubles of Pennsylvania residents. We offer several programs for Pennsylvanians seeking a fresh start. To learn more about our offers of Pennsylvania debt help, check out the following links:

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