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North Dakota Debt Relief Options

From Fargo to Bismarck, North Dakota has a rich history and diverse culture. All around, it’s a great place to live. But not if you’re drowning in credit card debt. What do you do if you need debt relief in North Dakota?

North Dakota Debt Statistics

When it comes to credit card debt, North Dakota is actually in pretty good shape. The average debt score in ND is 721, which is significantly better than the national average of 696—first in the nation, in fact. North Dakotans also rank last in the nation in terms of both the amount of credit card debt they have ($4,011 for the average person) and the delinquency rate (0.35%).

The median household income, meanwhile, was $59,114 in 2016, and the per capita income was $33,107—both slightly higher than the national average. And only just over 10% of residents live below the poverty line—one of the lowest rates in the country. In general, North Dakotans are doing fairly well financially and working hard to keep their debt under control.

North Dakota Debt Help

Just because North Dakota as a whole is doing well with its debt doesn’t mean all of its residents are. If you’re currently struggling to make credit card payments and owe more than you can afford, all the statistics in the world won’t help to make that better.

The statute of limitations for credit card debt in North Dakota is six years for all contracts and obligations, be they oral, written, or implied. Any written acknowledgement or voluntary payment made on your behalf starts the clock over. And if you’ve already had a judgment rendered against you over your debt, that statute increases to 10 years.

So what can you do to take charge of your own debt and get your finances back under control?

North Dakota Debt Consolidation with Americor

If you’re looking for North Dakota debt relief, Americor’s financial experts can help you. Contact us to find a debt relief program to meet your individual needs. We’ll work with you to help you get out from under that mountain of credit card payments and back on the road to financial independence.


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