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Maryland Living Comes at a Price

With its central location on the country’s Atlantic coast, Maryland is widely recognized as a great place to live. Due to its proximity to DC, the state is home to the highest per capita percentage of Federal employees but it is also home to a thriving public sector and a highly educated workforce. Throw in the big city vibrancy of Baltimore, the natural beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, and the rich colonial history of Annapolis, and it’s easy to see why the state is so popular.

That popularity comes at a steep price. At $94,384, Maryland’s median household income is currently the highest in the country. For residents without a six-figure salary, this has combined with the pandemic and high inflation to create a cost-of-living problem. In addition to topping the country in several enviable metrics, Maryland is also ranked 6th in credit card debt, with an overage outstanding balance of $6,946.

Maryland Debt Relief Program

When consumer debt is high, making minimum payments can simply wind up digging you further into a hole. Many Maryland residents are finding this out firsthand. Instead of getting trapped by high-interest minimum payments, borrowers are now looking for a Maryland debt relief program that actually helps them move forward. That type of savvy thinking is one of the reasons the state was ranked in the top 15 in financial literacy.

The first step to tackling debt is understanding what happens when you make monthly minimum payments.

Create an Actionable Debt Relief Strategy

Finding a Maryland debt relief program that works for you might feel like searching for a needle in a haystack but it doesn’t have to. There are many great options for escaping debt out there:


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