An organizational community of dedicated and determined
members for each other’s pursuit of excellence.

The Females Inspiring Remarkable Empowerment (FIRE) Mission

Our mission is to provide professional development experiences for aspiring female leaders while celebrating their successes big and small. Women make up a large and important part of our organization, and the Committee will work to identify women’s professional needs within the workplace and address them through education, dialogue, community, mentorship, and collective action.

“Empowered women empower women through the gift of mentorship. The FIRE committee works to identify members’ professional needs and address them through professional development, dialogue, community, and mentorship.”

May Chan

Chief Operating Officer

Our Goals

  • Provide a platform for women to create sustainable professional networks and to foster career development
  • Identify and give prominence to women’s issues within the organization, including gender diversity and inclusivity by communicating women’s concerns with organizational leadership
  • Provide a safe space for women to share their concerns and career goals
  • Promote a supportive working environment for women at the company
  • Recognize and promote diversity of gender and identity, inclusivity, and intersectionality