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Texans Are Seeing Tighter Budgets

From the Alamo to San Antonio’s River Walk, the State of Texas is an exciting mix of historical sites, modern urban centers, and everything in between. The Lone Star State boasts the nation’s second-highest gross state product, driven by dominance in energy, agriculture and mining, commerce, and technology. However, statewide economic success doesn’t always trickle down to families.

In fact, many Texans are seeing higher costs and tighter budgets. Home prices have increased 18.6% year-over-year, according to Texas A&M University. Rents are up as well: the Dallas-Fort Worth area increased nearly 18% in one year, surging past the national average increase. Electric bills are also expected to climb. As a result, countless Texas families are turning to credit cards to afford everyday expenses.

Explore Your Available Options for Debt Relief

When facing financial hardship, it’s important to explore available options for debt relief. Services such as debt management plans and credit counseling can provide valuable advice and resources to help Texans tackle their consumer debt. A credit counseling agency can assist in developing a personalized plan to manage debt, potentially reducing interest rates and creating a pathway to financial stability. Additionally, debt settlement can be another debt relief option for those struggling with high debt amounts.

Individuals should always be aware of their credit situation. Monitoring credit reports and maintaining good credit scores can help in obtaining lower interest rates and better loan offers. By paying off credit card bills on time and responsibly managing finances, Texans can improve their credit standing and avoid falling further into debt.

Texans experiencing financial difficulties can seek assistance from the Texas Credit Commissioner and reach out to credit counselors who can provide valuable resources and information on matters concerning consumer credit card payments, loan debt management program choices, debt relief options, and credit report issues. These professionals are available to help individuals navigate their financial challenges and explore potential solutions.

Remember, taking the first step is essential to overcoming financial hardships. Whether it’s through debt management programs, debt settlement companies, or nonprofit credit counseling, there are resources and options available to Texans looking to regain control of their finances.

Credit Card Debt in Texas

San Antonio households have an average credit card debt of $13,055 and families in Houston aren’t far behind, with an average debt of $11,400. These debt burdens can be very difficult to pay off. Because credit card interest compounds daily, Texans who only make the minimum monthly payment, often see their balances balloon quickly. 

To address this issue, as a Texas resident, you can seek the service of debt settlement companies or explore debt relief programs to pay off credit cards more efficiently and help you eliminate debt.

What Causes Credit Card Debt?

Most people in Texas don’t use their credit cards for frivolous shopping or expensive dining. Most Texans use their credit cards to pay for necessities or unexpected expenses that can’t be covered by their regular income or savings.

A mismatch between incomes and expenses

With the current inflationary spiral, many people are struggling to cover their living expenses with their current wages. The cost of food, utilities, and gas has increased while incomes are not keeping up.

Many Texans live paycheck to paycheck and often struggle to cover all their expenses, especially towards the end of the month. Single-income households or single parents face particular challenges.

Credit cards are a convenient method to cover the rising cost of living. Nevertheless, if you’re unable to repay the balance, this can quickly lead to credit card debt.

Credit card minimum payments

Minimum monthly payments can lead to a debt spiral. Minimum payments typically only cover the interest rate charges imposed by banks to profit from the money they lend you.

The monthly minimum payment is determined by the outstanding balance on your credit card and the interest rate applied. It is important to note that there is a common misconception that making only the minimum payment can help you pay down your credit card balance, but this is not the case.

The more you use your credit card, the higher the minimum payment becomes, but it’s crucial to understand that this payment primarily covers the interest charges. It does not reduce your outstanding balance, resulting in a persistent debt. With the balance remaining unchanged, you continue to accumulate more interest and remain in debt.

Unexpected expenses

Emergency funds are invaluable as they provide a buffer for your budget when facing unexpected large expenses. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a savings account. A significant number of people in Texas don’t have an emergency fund due to insufficient income to save.

Unexpected expenses usually occur at the most unpleasant times. A medical emergency, a home repair, or your car breaking down can very easily upset your monthly spending. 

In the absence of an emergency fund, most people will pay for these expenses with their credit cards. Many consumers find it hard to repay their credit card balance and the debt will balloon until it becomes unmanageable. 

Debt Relief Programs Texas

It’s easy to panic when faced with a mountain of debt. However, with the help provided by Americor’s certified debt specialists, we can find the right solution to your debt problem. When you join a debt relief program, you can find debt relief and sleep peacefully at night!

Credit counseling

Credit counseling helps Texas residents understand their financial situation. Credit counseling is a way to get a clear picture of your income and expenses. Many times people don’t realize how much money they spend and they don’t realize that they could save money by organizing their expenses and spending wisely. 

Credit counseling aims at creating enough space in your expenses to repay your debt beyond minimum payments. It can help you lower your expenses while still keeping up with most of your lifestyle. 

Debt consolidation Texas

When you have more than one form of debt, Americor debt specialists can help you negotiate a debt consolidation loan to bundle together all your existing debts, including credit cards, medical debt, student loan debt, and personal loans. 

A debt consolidation loan can help repay all your existing debts and have only one monthly payment to make. In most cases, debt consolidation loans come with lower interest rates than credit cards. They have a fixed interest rate throughout the repayment period and a fixed amount. When you reduce interest rates, it’s much easier to incorporate your loan repayment into your monthly expenses. 

With a debt consolidation loan, you can adjust the length of the loan to match your budget needs. Most such loans can be repaid within 12 to 72 months, depending on your credit score and the amount of debt you carry. 

Debt settlement

When your debt level is considerable and repaying it appears daunting, Americor debt specialists can negotiate debt settlement for you by asking your creditors to reduce your debt. 

Debt settlement means that the debt amount you owe is reduced by a significant percentage, sometimes up to 50%. This means that you only have to pay the remaining 50% to be debt-free. 

Debt settlement is a way to reach a stable financial future and still repay part of your debt. Debt settlement will impact your credit score which can take some time to recover. However, with sound financial management, your credit score can rebound within two years. 

Debt management

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) aims to make your debt more manageable. It allows you to extend the repayment period, resulting in lower monthly payments. Additionally, you can negotiate a lower interest rate and request the waiver of any charged late fees.

A debt management plan helps you establish a long-term schedule to restore your good credit score and repay your debt in a way that works with your finances. 


People that have tried all types of debt relief and haven’t achieved a stable financial future can file for bankruptcy. 

In this case, a specialized attorney presents your case to the court: level of debt, income, expenses, and assets are carefully examined to see whether you can claim bankruptcy. 

If you file for bankruptcy you risk losing part of your assets as part of your settlement. Bankruptcy stays with your credit record for 10 years which makes it hard to ask for a car loan or a mortgage. However, it’s a way to escape from debt that’s drowning you. 

Americor for Texas Debt Relief

Americor is a professional debt relief company in Texas. We have worked with thousands of individuals and households to help them achieve debt relief in Texas and across the United States. 

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau for the quality of services we provide. We are also members of the Receivables Management Association, the American Fair Credit Council, and the International Association of Professional Debt Administrators. 

We stand by our reputation and our debt professionals are experienced and honest. Get started on your way to financial freedom today: get a free consultation by talking to one of our certified debt specialists. For more information on the debt relief services we provide, contact us!

How to Become Debt-Free

Texas debt relief programs are designed to help struggling families get out of debt faster, and with less money spent on interest. You have several options, such as:

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    “I was down $80k in business debt, and I remember hearing Americor radio advertising. My credit score was down to 570 from 810. I’ve been in the program for over 3 years. It works, just be patient. And my credit score is currently back up to 710!”

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