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Many Illinoisans Are Distressed And Debt-Ridden

The State of Illinois is so much more than fields and farms. From the Mid-Western warmth of its citizens to its strong sports presence, the Prairie State is a wonderful place to call home. With no shortage of shopping or dining options in Chicago and plenty of outdoor adventures to be had in one of its 300+ state parks, residents of Illinois always have something to look forward to. 

Unfortunately, the financial future isn’t so bright for many in the Land of Lincoln. Because of inflation, Illinoisans are paying thousands of dollars more per year on basic necessities like utilities, groceries, and rent.  And with some areas of the state seeing a 10% increase in housing prices, many Illinoisans are left distressed and debt-ridden.

Illinois Residents Are Weighed Down by Debt

With the prices of essential items increasing every day, Illinois families are scampering to make ends meet. Many are increasing their household debt by charging food, medicine, and clothing on their credit cards. The average credit card debt in Chicago is $10,670 per household whereas the average credit card debt in America is approximately $5,733.  

Households in Aurora are also deep in debt, owing on average $11,668 to credit companies.  For many families that can only afford minimum monthly payments and need to also cover their mortgage, student loans, or auto loan, there seems to be no way off the hamster wheel. The fear of facing debt collectors becomes real for many.

See how many minimum monthly payments you will need to make to considerably lower your loan debt, as well as the interest you’ll incur with the calculator here.

What Causes Debt in Illinois?

Illinois people are not alone to face increasing loan debt. Throughout the United States, debt statistics show that people are struggling to cover their monthly necessities without going into debt, for a multitude of reasons. 

People’s incomes don’t cover necessities

There is an increasing mismatch between what people in Illinois earn and how much they have to spend to cover their monthly expenses. Even with two incomes in a household, things are tough due to the inflation rate. House prices and rents have also increased. Many Illinois residents use their credit cards and personal loans to cover everyday expenses, gas, groceries, and other necessities. 

This can quickly turn into a debt spiral because credit cards and loans have to be repaid. If incomes are not high enough, debts start building up. 

Credit card and minimum payments 

Many people are shocked to learn that credit card minimum payments typically don’t lower the credit card balance. Consumers are mistaken in thinking that by making the minimum payment they are slowly paying off their balance. 

Minimum payments, however, usually only cover the interest charge. With minimum payments, you are just paying the bank or credit card companies for the profit it makes on your credit card. 

The more you use your credit cards, the more the balance increases and, accordingly, minimum payments increase. But you still are not paying off your credit card. After months of payment minimum payments, your credit card is maxed out and you suddenly face a mountain of debt. 

Luckily, Americor debt specialists are here to provide debt relief services for you and your household. 

Paying for unexpected events without an emergency fund

Very few people in Illinois can afford an emergency fund to pay for home repairs or unexpected events that require large sums of money. Most people rely on their incomes to pay for such emergencies. Medical emergencies, an expensive car repair, or anything that can rock your monthly financial planning gets paid by credit card or a personal loan. 

However, these credit cards and personal loans have to get repaid. Many people in Illinois find it hard to repay their debts once the emergency has passed. They slowly drown in unpaid cards and bills which is when they turn to Americor to find debt relief. 

Our debt specialists can help you find the right debt relief option for your situation to get back on track with your personal finances. 

Credit Card Debt Relief with Americor

People in Illinois have several debt relief programs available to them. Our debt specialists at Americor have got your back when it comes to professional solutions with regard to dealing with debt, like debt consolidation loans and debt settlement. Let’s take a look at all your options. 

Credit counseling

Credit counseling can help you get a clearer picture of how much you earn and how much you spend. This can help you evaluate your expenses and lower them to an acceptable level so that you have enough room to pay off your debt. Sometimes people lose track of their earnings and how they spend their money and credit counselors can give them a better grasp on their personal finances. 

Debt consolidation loan

Americor can help you negotiate a debt consolidation loan to merge all your existing debts and loans into one loan. You repay all your existing debts and you then have to pay the consolidation loan with one single monthly payment. 

Consolidation loans simplify life and often come with lower interest rates than other loans. You only have to remember a monthly payment and you can negotiate the repayment period to streamline it into your monthly expenses. 

You can roll any credit card debt, personal loan, private student loan, and medical debt into your consolidation loan. 

Debt settlement

Debt settlement helps you reduce your overall loan debt by up to 50%. Americor can help you negotiate debt settlement with your creditors so that you can lower the level of your debt to more manageable levels. The remaining debt is usually paid with a lump sum so that you are debt-free. 

Debt settlement depends on your level of income, the extent of your debt, and how much of your debt you reasonably repay. Debt settlement will appear in your credit report but your credit score should bounce back with time.  

Debt management programs

A debt management program helps you repay your existing debt with more favorable terms. You can make a repayment plan that extends the repayment timeline and you can negotiate lower interest rates so that you are not burdened by excessive payments. 


As a last resort, bankruptcy is a big step to take when all other options haven’t worked out. If you have a level of debt that’s beyond any possible means of repayment, you can file for bankruptcy with the help of a lawyer who will present your case to the court. 

Your income, debt level, and assets will be taken into account and you may be asked to relinquish some of your assets as part of the deal. Bankruptcy stays in your credit history for ten years and is the most radical debt-relief process available to Americans. 

Americor for Illinois Debt Relief

Debt might sound daunting but with Americor by your side, you know you have experienced debt specialists when you need help with debt relief. 

We also carry accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which shows our attention to ethical practices and careful professional debt relief planning. 

Each situation is unique and Americor debt specialists strive to give the best debt relief in Illinois for your financial circumstances. Contact us today for more information. Our professionals have the know-how to evaluate each Illinoisan’s financial situation and offer them the best debt relief advice. 

An Americor debt specialist can explain to you how debt consolidation loans and debt settlement function so that you can evaluate which solution best fits your needs and your debt level. 

Illinois Debt Relief That Lightens Your Load

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    “I was down $80k in business debt, and I remember hearing Americor radio advertising. My credit score was down to 570 from 810. I’ve been in the program for over 3 years. It works, just be patient. And my credit score is currently back up to 710!”

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