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Rising Costs Hit Idaho

Idaho, while famous for its delicious potatoes, is also known for its beautiful landscape. The state is a nature-lovers paradise dominated by the Rocky Mountains, luscious rivers, and bountiful farmland. As a result, Idaho has long attracted retirees and families seeking a peaceful life.

Yet, peace has been hard to come by lately as Idahoans face rising expenses. Housing prices in Idaho have increased by more than 150% since 2015, and farmers are struggling with both drought and dramatically inflated production costs. High state and local tax rates, at an overall cost of 9.6%, don’t help, either. Many families are using credit cards to get by during these tough times.

The True Cost of Credit Card Debt

The average Idahoan owes $5,213 in credit card debt, and that number will most likely rise as families continue to suffer under high inflation and rising everyday costs, including food, electricity, and transportation. Unfortunately, once families are in a significant amount of credit card debt, it often takes years to get out.
To find out how long it will take to pay off your debt using only the minimum payments, use the calculator here. The calculator also indicates how much you’ll pay in interest — the number may surprise you.

Consider Idaho Debt Relief Programs

If you live in the picturesque state of Idaho and are struggling with credit card debt, we want to help. Consider your options for Idaho debt relief options:


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    “In 2020, I was drowning in debt. I enrolled in Americor for my 10 creditors for $110,000… and today (three years later) I have cleared my entire balance. It was not an easy process, but Americor guided me through and I am debt free!”

  • Matthew E.
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    “I was down $80k in business debt, and I remember hearing Americor radio advertising. My credit score was down to 570 from 810. I’ve been in the program for over 3 years. It works, just be patient. And my credit score is currently back up to 710!”

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A couple of years ago Alexis’ family went through severe financial issues when her husband lost his job, their income suddenly took a hit which caused them to rely on credit cards to support themselves.

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