Benny Ganatra Benny Ganatra Chief Executive Officer

Benny Ganatra is the CEO and Founder of Americor, and its affiliated brands. He has been in the financial services space since the early 2000’s and founded Americor in 2008. This is Benny’s third startup in the last 15 years. The last, BrandRep was recently sold to Millpond Equity Partners in December of 2017. Benny graduated from San Diego State University in 2001.

Dmitri Kozhevnikov Dmitri Kozhevnikov Chief Technology Officer

Dmitri has brought his vast technological experience to Americor, after founding SalesRep.ai, dayoga.ru and co-founding Wild World-Wide Expedition, with clients such as Toyota, The North Face and Diageo. Dmitri was also accepted into Alchemist Accelerator, a platinum tech accelerator in San Francisco. Dmitri graduated from University of Miami in 2009 with a degree in Entrepreneurship.

Janneen Jackson Janneen Jackson Vice President, Operations
Ritesh Kumar Ritesh Kumar Controller
Caitlin Holmes Caitlin Holmes Human Resources Manager
Daniel Flores Daniel Flores Negotiations Manager
Total Employees
Total Debt Relieved
$2.0 billion
States Served
Customers Empowered

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