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Utah is known for its astounding landscapes and beautiful national parks. The Flaming Gorge Reservoir is a favorite among residents and tourists seeking a break from their daily routines to go trout fishing or water-skiing.

Year-round warm weather allows those from neighboring states to take a break from snow and ice and bask in the wintertime sun.

However, Utah isn’t just an excellent place for outdoor exploration, hiking, and fishing. The state offers numerous museums, including the Natural History Museum of Utah, for those who want an educational experience that takes them back in time to learn about its original inhabitants and how Utah came to be today.

Those seeking to combine a visit to Utah with a trip to Las Vegas should visit Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City, located only a half day’s drive away from Las Vegas, offers residents and visitors many things to do, including delicious restaurants and shopping options.

While Utah is known for its fabulous landscapes and beautiful cities, residents struggle with credit card debt. Getting out of Utah debt can be challenging, especially with so many other financial obligations competing for your pocketbook.

How Much Debt Do Utah Residents Owe?

While Utah isn’t the most expensive state in the nation, it’s not one of the least expensive, either. The cost-of-living index in Utah is 99, ranking just below the national average of 104.61. Residents of Utah battle high transportation expenses associated with gas prices and more expensive automobiles.

According to recent surveys, residents of Salt Lake City carry an average of $10,124 in Utah debt, well above the national average of $8,425.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers earn a typical salary of $53,400, significantly below the national average wage of $58,260. Lower salaries and a higher cost of living make it difficult to get out of Utah debt.

If you’re wondering how long it will take to pay off your credit card debt by making only minimum payments, use our interactive calculator provided below. The results also show you how much you’ll pay in interest to your credit card lenders.

Choose Americor to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Many individuals try valiantly to overcome credit card obligations. They adopt various personal finance strategies to repay their creditors and obtain a new lease on their financial life.

However, sometimes it’s just not possible. Despite sticking to a strict budget and cutting unnecessary expenses, people can’t seem to make headway with their liabilities.

Americor offers debt solutions for individuals who need help getting rid of credit debt. To explore what we have to offer, check out the links below.

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