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Texans Are Seeing Tighter Budgets

From the Alamo to San Antonio’s River Walk, Texas is an exciting mix of historical sites, modern urban centers, and everything in between. The Lone Star State boasts the nation’s second-highest gross state product, driven by dominance in energy, agriculture and mining, commerce, and technology. However, statewide economic success doesn’t always trickle down to families.

In fact, many Texans are seeing higher costs and tighter budgets. Home prices have increased 18.6% year-over-year, according to Texas A&M University. Rents are up as well; the Dallas-Fort Worth area increased nearly 18% in one year, surging past the national average increase. Electric bills are also expected to climb. As a result, countless Texas families are turning to credit cards to afford everyday expenses.

Credit Card Debt In Texas

The average San Antonio household has $13,055 in credit card debt, and families in Houston aren’t far behind, with an average debt of $11,400. These debt burdens can be very difficult to pay off. Because credit card interest compounds daily, Texans who only make minimum monthly payments often see their balances balloon quickly.

Use the calculator below to find out how many monthly minimum payments it will take to get rid of your debt – and how much money you will pay in interest.

Credit Card Balances

How to Become Debt-Free

Texas debt relief programs are designed to help struggling families get out of debt faster, and with less money spent on interest. You have several options, such as:


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