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Oklahoma Debt Relief Program Options

When it comes to debt, every state is different. There are different laws, different statutes of limitations, and different issues that need to be addressed. That becomes particularly important when trying to take steps to eliminate that debt. Oklahoma debt relief isn’t the same as it is in other places. So if you’re struggling to make credit card or loan payments in Oklahoma, here’s what you need to know.

Oklahomans make, on average, $25,628 a year per person per year—but 16.3% of residents are living below the poverty line, significantly higher than the national average of 12.7%. And all too often it’s those living at the bottom of the scale who have the most trouble keeping up with payments, and who find themselves buried under a mountain of debt.

Debt & Credit Card Statistics for Oklahoma

The average borrower in Oklahoma has a debt of $4,854—slightly lower than the national average. However, Oklahomans rank significantly higher than average when it comes to debt delinquency, 9th in the nation in that regard, 0.69% of borrowers in the state are late in their payments by 90 days or more.

What is the statute of limitations for debt in Oklahoma?

For those who are delinquent in their debts, the statute of limitations for creditors to file suit in Oklahoma is five years for written contracts or three years for oral contracts. If there’s a judgment against you, the statute of limitations to collect is five years for domestic judgments, and three years for judgments made outside Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation or Credit Counseling?

One way you can get help with your debts in Oklahoma is by consolidating them. Instead of making half a dozen different payments each month that eat up all of your earnings, you can combine them all into one simple loan, with a single payment that’s easy to manage and will enable you to work towards eliminating your debt once and for all.

Another way is through debt settlement. This is when your total debt is negotiated for a lesser amount owed. Once your credit cards are delinquent, credits and collectors are more willing to negotiate. Credit scores take an initial hit with this process but rebound as you pay down debt over time.

With credit counseling, usually through a non-profit organization, the interest on your debt is negotiated to a lesser amount. You will still pay back everything you owe to your creditors with this method. Your credit score generally isn’t affected as much with credit counseling as it is with debt settlement.

Find Debt Relief in Oklahoma

For many, managing debt is difficult if not impossible on your own. The first step towards living debt-free is to reach out for assistance. Americor knows Oklahoma debt law and can help you get what you need to consolidate your debt, reduce it, or whatever else it may take to get you debt-free once and for all. Contact our financial experts to learn more.


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