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Ohio Debt Relief Options

Between credit cards, student loans, mortgages, and a host of other factors, debt can weigh heavily on you. But debt is also different in every state, and how it’s handled depends as much on where you are as how much you owe. So if you’re looking for Ohio debt help, here’s what you need to know.

Ohio Debt Information

Ohio residents have, on average, $4,817 worth of credit card debt—slightly less than the national average of $4,965. The average credit score is 699, which is pretty good, and slightly higher than the nation as a whole. The credit card delinquency rate in Ohio, on the other hand, is just about the same as the national average, 0.57%, with delinquency defined as being 90 days or more late with a payment.

The average income per person in the state is $27,800 a year, and 14.6% of residents are living below the poverty line. Those tend to be the people whom debt hits the hardest, and for whom it’s most difficult to pay off credit cards and attain financial freedom.

Ohio’s Debt Statute of Limitations

If you suddenly find yourself unable to make payments, for credit cards or other types of debts, your creditors have a certain amount of time to file suit against you. The statute of limitations in Ohio can be a bit complex. For a written agreement, the statute is 8 years, whereas oral contracts are 6 years.

If you have a demand note, then the statute is six years from the time the demand is made. If no specific demand has been made, and no payments have been made either (on principle or interest), then the statute is 10 years. If you do make a payment, but the check bounces or is otherwise dishonored, your creditors have a statute of 3 years to clear things up with you.

Get Ohio Debt Relief with Americor

You don’t need to let your life continue to be ruled by credit card or loan payments you can’t afford to make. Americor’s experts can help you out with Ohio debt consolidation, navigating you through the ins and outs of the state’s debt laws and helping you to live debt free. Contact us today to learn more!


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