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When you think of New York State, your thoughts likely turn to New York City. The buzzing metropolis, home to the NYSE and headquarters of thousands of companies, is well known for its yearly Times Square New Year’s Eve countdown. As the site of many popular films and television shows, New York City is among the most famous in the world.

New York offers much more than the city alone. Those seeking peace and quiet with a hearty dose of hiking, biking, or skiing will find their place in Adirondack Park. The Adirondacks offer camping, lakeside resorts, and stunning views from the mountains. Other natural regions to explore include the Hudson Valley, Niagara, and Finger Lakes.

While you won’t run out of things to do in New York, it’s one of the most expensive states to visit or live in. A high cost of living, rising taxes, and costly rents plague the state.

Those who fall into debt may find it challenging to live in New York, especially if they live in New York City or a surrounding suburb. Finding New York debt help allows people to overcome a challenging cycle of paying only the minimum payments on their outstanding debt.

How Much Debt Do New Yorkers Carry?

Households in New York City carry an average of $15,433 in household debt. New York City falls second on the list of cities whose residents hold the most debt, ranking only behind Honolulu, Hawaii. The state also has a high cost of living index at 148.2, ranking second in the nation.

Housing costs are astronomical in New York. According to World Population Review, rent costs are over twice the national average, with an index of 230.1. While costs are high, higher salaries provide some relief. The average yearly earnings of an individual living in New York is $70,460, compared with the national average of $58,260.

High rents and rising food costs make it challenging to keep on top of regular debt payments. In the worst situations, people with high debt can’t meet their obligations, and the debt cycle spirals out of control.

People living in New York often seek New York debt help. New York debt help programs assist individuals with getting their personal finances in order. Use our interactive calculator provided below to find out how long it will take you to get out of debt by making minimum payments.

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If your debt problems have spiraled out of control, you may qualify for debt relief. Americor offers several programs for individuals seeking to get out of debt and start fresh. To learn more, check out our available programs through the links below.


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