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New Hampshire, nestled between Maine and Vermont in the northeast part of the United States, is known for its quaint towns and widespread skiing opportunities. As one of the thirteen original colonies, New Hampshire has a long history. Its largest city, Manchester, is known as the financial hub of the state and offers numerous opportunities for people seeking a night out on the town or a delicious dinner.

In addition to food and fun, New Hampshire offers a wide variety of activities for those who enjoy being out in nature. It has numerous campsites, as well as gorgeous mountains to climb during the spring and summer and ski during the winter. Book lovers can feel content knowing that the first public library in the United States was founded in New Hampshire.

Despite its great reputation for being a lovely place to live that experiences all four seasons, New Hampshire does have its drawbacks. Its high cost of living places it as the 13th most expensive state to live in, falling just behind Washington state with an index of 109.7. This high cost of living can make it difficult for people living in New Hampshire to earn enough money to cover the necessary costs of living, including housing, food, and transportation. Those with families often struggle even more. If you’re seeking New Hampshire debt relief, you’re not alone.

High Costs of Living in New Hampshire

While those living in New Hampshire may appreciate its natural beauty and quaint towns, they also know the pain of high costs. Over the past year, the price of single-family homes in New Hampshire has increased by an astonishing 20.5%. Townhomes and condos have fared even worse, rising by 31% since March 2021. This inflation puts potential new homebuyers at a significant disadvantage, as they’ll likely need to save more to meet down payment expenses.

In addition to rising housing costs, food prices are up in the state by 7.1% since last year, and energy costs have soared by 14.5%. In fact, a survey found that residents of New Hampshire can expect to pay $433 more per month for items that they purchased last year. Clearly, residents of New Hampshire are at a significant disadvantage for increases in costs. Not helping the matter is an average household credit card debt of $9,761.

Those seeking New Hampshire debt relief may wonder how long it will take and how much they will pay if they continue to make only the minimum payments due towards their credit cards. To find out, use our calculator provided below.

Obtaining New Hampshire Debt Relief

Americor offers a number of programs for those seeking debt relief in New Hampshire. By getting rid of your old debts, you’ll be in a better position to cover the increased cost of living as well as save for the future. To learn more about our debt relief solutions, check out the links below:

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