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Kansas: Rolling Hills and Financial Valleys

For Kansas residents, there’s truly “no place like home.” Kansas is known for the natural beauty of its rolling hills and broad prairies, as well as for being home to the largest contiguous tallgrass prairie in the world.

The state’s natural terrain lends itself well to its wheat production. Kansas alone produces an estimated 300 million bushels of wheat, representing nearly a fifth (18%) of the United States’ wheat production. It’s also known as “The Sunflower State,” with more than 20 designated wildflower trails.

But Kansas is more than prairies and farms. The state also boasts a significant cultural history, including Kansas City’s famous barbeque. It is also home to the University of Kansas Jayhawks — teams that have dominated the college sports world.

Kansas boasts a rich cultural history, and today you can visit the site of the landmark case Brown vs. Board of Education.

Despite Kansas’ comparatively low cost of living, residents face some financial challenges that can’t easily be dismissed. True, housing costs are low, with the average house costing $130,000. But the real issue is whether these costs stack up against the average salary.

In Kansas, the median household income is $61,091, which is below the nationwide average. But some salaries can dip as low as $22,063, which can make it hard to make rent or mortgage payments.

Credit Card Debt in Kansas

Kansas residents traditionally have held relatively less credit card debt than people in the rest of the nation, but at an average of $5,769, that’s hardly insignificant.

Worse, Kansas allows credit card companies to legally garnish the wages of their creditors, which means that you might not have full control of how much of your hard-earned salary the credit card company gets each month.

In other words, the state’s low cost of living and affordable housing both mean very little if your wages are getting cut by out-of-control credit card debt. In the absence of Kansas debt help, the beautiful prairies can seem like a prison that you can’t escape.

How to Become Debt-Free in Kansas

No matter what you currently owe, it’s important to figure out how quickly you can pay down your credit card balances. You’ll also learn just how much you’ll pay in interest.

Becoming debt-free just might be easier than you think. You have access to Kansas debt help programs that make it easier to climb out of consumer debt. Your Kansas debt help programs include:


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