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Indiana’s Cost of Living is Increasing

When people think of Indiana, the first thing that comes to mind is often basketball. Since the sport’s inception, the Hoosier State has produced countless college superstars and is consistently listed among the highest per capita origins for NBA players. Indiana is also seen as a great place to settle down and raise a family.

With local manufacturing and farming sectors declining and inflation rising at its fastest pace since 1981, the simple Indiana lifestyle of past generations is getting harder and harder to maintain. Increasingly, Hoosiers are borrowing money to stay afloat – the average Indiana household currently has over $5,000 in outstanding credit card debt. As recently as 2019, that number was only $2,313. Instead of basketball, families are now discussing Indiana debt relief at the dinner table.

Indiana Debt Relief

The situation in Indiana is even more alarming when compared to the numbers cited above: back in 2019, Indiana was ranked first in the country, with an average debt of $2,313 that could have been paid off in under 10 months incurring only $167 in interest payments. One quick glance at a statement from today shows that this is unfortunately no longer the case. Thanks to the pandemic and inflation, high debt is now a practical reality across the state. Fortunately, Indiana debt relief doesn’t have to be complicated.

Outsmart Your Outstanding Debt

It’s almost impossible to get ahead when you’re stuck making expensive minimum payments on each bill. Find a more equitable Indiana debt relief solution today:


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