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Georgia Residents Experience History and High Costs

Georgia has long enjoyed a reputation for being “the empire of the south,” a title that reflects the state’s rich history. Today, Georgia residents can walk through the historic districts of cities like Savannah and Atlanta, seeing such landmarks as the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr.

In fact, Georgia is often listed as the birthplace of the civil rights movement, a fact that only adds to the region’s diverse culture.

Outside of the cities, Georgia residents can enjoy the natural beauty of its wooded parks or enjoy the warm Atlantic coastline. And who could forget the signature Georgia peach, brought to the region in the sixteenth century and still playing a major role in the state’s agricultural economy?

Travelers may love the fact that their state offers a hub for major airlines, making it easy to explore new horizons.

Statistically speaking, the cost of living in Georgia is comparatively low, with the state ranked as the fifth-least expensive state in the U.S. But while costs are low in the state’s rural areas, residents in major metroplexes face significant challenges.

Houses within the Metro Atlanta area average around $405,000, and utility costs tend to be around 3% higher than the rest of the United States. The state also has slightly more commuters than the rest of the country, each of whom has to pay $148 or more a month for insurance.

Georgia’s High Credit Card Debt

On average, Georgia residents have a credit card balance of about $6,569, a number that is the ninth-highest of any state in the nation. But that’s just per card. In Atlanta, for example, the average household has credit card debt totaling $12,297, which translates into $2.6 billion for just the first quarter of 2022.

This total makes Georgia one of the worst states in the country when it comes to credit card debt. With a median household income of $64,994, this much debt can be crippling without access to Georgia debt help.

Are you struggling with credit card debt? Use the calculator below to determine the number of minimum monthly payments you’ll need to make to eliminate your debt. You can also use the calculator to learn just how much you’ll pay in interest as you pay off your debt.

How to Become Debt-Free in Georgia

Thankfully, no matter how much debt you have, Georgia debt help programs are available. These programs can help you and your family get out of debt faster, which will also eliminate the excess money you’ll spend on interest. Take advantage of Georgia debt help programs such as:


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