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When it comes to money and debt collection, perhaps no set of initials inspires a more nervous response than receiving a notice from the I.R.S. Probably due to their early success in nabbing reputed gangster, Al Capone, the agency has cemented its reputation for efficiency in going after tax scofflaws. If you have run afoul of an IRS audit, or owe back taxes that threaten to ruin you financially, you need to get help with the tax debt before the situation overwhelms your finances. If you find yourself in trouble with tax officials, you have several options available to you to make it right with Uncle Sam.


Taking Care of Your Tax Debt

As with all debts, avoiding your creditors is generally a mistake, and that is no truer than when the creditor is the United States government. Reaching out to the I.R.S. provides an opportunity to negotiate with the government to settle your debt obligation. Consider the following:

  • Entering into an installment agreement
  • Entering into a partial payment agreement
  • Potentially settle the debt for less than you owe
  • Filing for bankruptcy

Owing the Internal Revenue Service is never a good idea, so getting help with tax debt is an important first step.


Help with Tax Debt Is Just a Phone Call Away

If you need help with tax debt, you shouldn’t delay reaching out to our team of financial experts who are waiting to help you with any questions you might have regarding your tax obligations. If you have a large tax debt, and are seeking a debt solution to avoid garnishment or property seizure, our team of experts has the advice you need to get on with your life. Your willingness and ability to repay your tax obligations is the starting point towards protecting your property and settling your debt with the government.