Recommendation for our current employees

Things people are saying
about working at Americor:

Americor has great energy, a positive attitude to work through problems, I have met a ton of amazing people and my paycheck really shows the hours I put in.

glassdoorSales department

Great management and room for lots of growth. Can not think of one con, great place to work.

glassdoorNegotiator in Boise

Benefits, Pay, Positivity, Supportive Management, Helping People

glassdoorProcessor in Irvine

Management is amazing! We have great support and get rewarded for hard work. Over the last year they have given us so many financial benefits! I have worked here over 2 years and have never loved it more.

glassdoorDebt Negotiator in Irvine

Great pay and fantastic hours of operation. Value and morally driven so it offers a sense of fulfillment knowing its good work to be done for the consumer. Management is patient and understanding. They are interactive and definitely lead by example. This company offers a level of consistency and stability that is not found in many other occupations. It offers a vigorous training that doesn't feel rushed and is at the pace needed for one to grow into the role and position. Friendly welcoming atmosphere with the desire to do good and help people win in any way one can.

glassdoorBilingual Client Services Representative

Working for Americor I have learned what it feels like to be treated fairly as an employee and how toxic some of my previous workplaces were. I love how Americor is a family and makes sure their employees are taken care of.
I honestly have nothing to complain about at this time.

glassdoorProcessor in Boise

Corporate setting, benefits, overtime,very innovative, detailed training, continued training and education. Very fulfilling job helping families find financial stability.

glassdoorClient Advocate in Irvine